R&D Product :  Personal Man Coolers
Company       :  Mazgaon Dock
Plant               :  Mumbai
Year                :  2005

Mazgaon dock is one of the largest ship builders in India, and to stay on the top they had to take care of quality and time. They had to push limits of their workers , but the problems was the heat generated by welding. They had to solve it, and there is where we came in.

We were asked to provide a solution that would eliminate the heat problem but the challenging part was that the area in which wielding was done was also restricted in terms of size . Many suggestion were bought on the table and dozens of sample too , but after 1 month of R&D and with our vast experience , we successfully manufactured a product to provide the perfect solution to there problem.

This is when Portable Man Cooler came into light. The Normal Man Coolers are big and are used to cover large areas , but our Portable Man Cooler was able to cool the welder no matter its based on the process which has been used by the dublin cleaning service how small the place was , and how far the target was .

The Portable Man Cooler provided the perfect solution for the problem faced by Mazgaon Dock and till date they are our one of the many satisfied customers .